Stoke-on-Trent cheapest UK city for renting flats - Mortgage Introducer


Stoke-on-Trent offers tenants the lowest monthly average price in any city when it comes to a one-bedroom flat outside of the city centre (£376.67) and a three-bed apartment in the city centre (£593.33).

Bradford came in second, with the average cost of renting a flat being £537.95 per month; this includes an average monthly rent of £443.12 for a one-bedroom in the city centre, the lowest in the UK.

Bradford was also found to have the third most affordable monthly rent for a three-bedroom apartment in the city centre (£692.14).

Blackpool had the second lowest rent cost for a three-bed city centre flat (£691.67), while Wigan had the third cheapest price for a three-bed outside of the city centre (£550).

The research found Sunderland to be the third most affordable city for tenants, with an average rental cost for a flat being £568.75, and the cheapest city for tenants looking for a three-bedroom apartment outside of the city centre (£525).

The city can also offer tenants the third cheapest monthly rent price (£400) for a one-bedroom flat outside of the city centre.

In contrast, London was the priciest UK city, with an average total monthly rent of £2,100.69, over four times that of Stoke-on-Trent.

London had the highest cost for every form of apartment analysed in the study, with a one-bedroom in the city centre having an average monthly rent of £1,685.32.

Brighton was the second most expensive city in the UK to rent a flat, and the second highest for a three-bedroom flat both in the city centre (£2,150.88) and outside of it (£1.551.02).

Oxford was the third most expensive, setting a tenant back by £1,374.18 a month on average.

Oxford also had the UK’s second most expensive rent price for a one-bedroom flat outside of the city centre, costing £943.75, and the third highest rent price for a one bedroom in the city centre, at £1,090.45.

A spokesperson from TheAdvisorCoach said: “This analysis is an eye-opener for those wishing to begin living alone or make a change to their living situation.

“There are many aspects that we can cut down on financially to save money and rent is no exception.

“This study offers a breakdown of the most cost-effective locations and styles, providing the best options for those looking to rent.”